The Story of Great Friendship – 2

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this is second part of The Story of Great Friendship. The first part is on the link below.

First part 🙂

Act 3 – The past

50 years ago. The main hall was busy, all devoted themselves to tasks like ants in the anthill. At the top back of the hall was control room where Jones was reading technical report. All system are working and productivity went up more than 50%. “With this rate we will be able to test Setsuna soon.” Jones thought. 

“How is it going?” Tom asked. “It’s going quite well. We are ahead of plan.” Jones answered. “According to news war is not going as it should. I really hope that we launch Setsuna soon”.

Act 4 – Open Sesame

David start to remove soil under his foot and after a while he found metal object. “What is it?” David asked himself. It looked like some kind of hatch. There was text on them saying, “Lambda R&D Laboratory”.

David tried to open the hatch, but he didn’t know how. The boy was the only standing above it and was thinking what lays below. After few minutes David noticed of three mark where middle of hatch was. He touch them and felt tension but nothing happen.

Then suddenly hatch opened. David was shooked with his body and he carefully looked inside.

To be continued…..

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Song Of The Week 46

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it has been a while since my last song of the week. Maybe it was mainly because I didn’t find song good enough. But, I had the right song right in my headphones all the time :-).

As you can see on featured image is Leonard Cohen. I can proudly say that I firstly heard songs from him as child still in my moms belly :-D. She used to play album, I’m your man on gramophone. Luckily we still have that record and also gramophone and I can play it.

I recently read great book written by mr. Cohen, the Favorite Game. It’s 10/10 book a novel which will make you think about your life.


Thank you and see you next time.

The Story of Great Friendship

Hi all,

I have for you author’s story written by St. John Smith. The Story of Great Friendship between boy and machine. Where it will lead? What will be the conclusion of this  intriguing path?

I am glad that John wrote this story in English so I don’t need to translate it or like last time publish it in Czech. On the other hand sorry Czech readers :-). And now the story.

The Story of Great Friendship

Act 1 – New Guy

“So you are the new guy who moved to our city?” Trevor said. David look at Trevor and said “yeah, I am. Is there any problem?”. Trevor just called his gang and without saying anything he punched David in to face.

Trevor took a deep breath and shout at David, “From now on your life will be hell.” David was slowly getting up and then suddenly with great burst he punched Trevor right in to his chin. Trevor didn’t expect that and from that shock he didn’t notice that David slipped away.

Act 2 – What lies in the woods

In the forest behind the school, David starts to slowing down. “Those bastards, I will show them one day.”, David thought. He was walking and the scenery was mostly the same tall pines everywhere and sometimes beam of sunlight.

David was walking around 2 hours when the sound of his footsteps changed. From faint rustle in to the metal rumble. David thought that maybe some old junk is lying below his foot. But he was wrong.


ok next acts will be there soon…maybe 🙂


How I can’t afford a new car

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about two weeks ago my old car was hit by another car. The damage is not so severe but repair cost overcomes the cost of the car it self. Car still runs, but my wife don’t want to use it any more and me as well.

So technically I don’t have a car….we saved some money but its not enough for decent car. I don’t think that we are that wealthy to buy cheaper used car since it is obvious that that car will soon have some technical problems. Sure we can take loan but that’s no go for me. Czech republic is nice country, the living cost is not that high but also salary is low and prices of other things are same as in Germany. To compare my salary of reporting analyst to reporting analyst in Germany I am on 1/3 of German salary!

Still my salary is above Czech average and still you can’t afford a thing with it. I can’t imagine how this will go after we will have kids. Now the rent is taking more than half of my net salary! I tell you it is hard….

What I should do? Should I take second job? So I wouldn’t have any personal life and I would be slave without free time. What I am doing wrong?

I will probably ask for salary rise, since feedback on my job is good and I think they can’t afford to loose me.

Making art with Nintendo

Hi all,

two weeks ago I bought Nintendo 2DS. I wanted to play some new Pokemon games like Pokemon X/Y or Moon/Sun :-). But that is another story.


What I want to talk about it cool APP/Game called New Art Academy. Below I will show you some of the paintings I done within this APP. I know that some of the pictures sucks 🙂 I am not an artist but it fun to try it. With Art Academy you will go through different techniques and basically you can learn how to paint in real life.

I think the best painting is the Melon one and worst drawing is the wind mill 🙂 If you have Nintendo 3DS or 2DS go on and try New Art Academy its fun and you can use your stylus more extensively “finally :-)”


See you next time.

The Borkin Button – Guide

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Once I saw video made by ETA Prime about One-click Shortcut Key plug or on some sites its called dust proof plug. I thought, “wow that’s good :-)”. I looked to eBay and ordered me an button. They are shipping two for good price (~1$) and they are working great. I am using this button with my Retropie setup but this will work also for Raspbian.

*Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any damage you can do to your Raspberry Pi, software, or to you.*

To get it working you need cable like the one below. You just need to get rid of the ends.


Then you need the button 🙂

Then you have few options. Use soldering iron, tape the cable or use hot glue. I went for hot glue. The main and only reason was that I am still waiting for my new soldering iron.

So obviously you need hot glue gun.



1: Cut the cable to have it like on picture below. Don’t forget to do the same to both ends.


2: Bend both ends of the cable around pins on raspberry pi. (On the below picture is only an example how I did it on the Pi).


Important is to use correct pins see picture below. Third pin on GPIO header (so if you looking on your Rpi as me on the picture its third pin on bottom row) and middle pin of 3.5 mm audio jack.


3: Heat up the hot glue gun and use it on the bended ends around pins

4: Final look


6: Don’t forget to install your button 🙂


5: Install script

The original source is at I installed the script using SSH method. I am Windows user so I used Putty.

Once you are logged on (standard user name is Pi and password is Raspberry) paste this line curl | bash


Hit Enter on your keyboard and wait untill script is installed. Once it’s finished go to your Rpi and press the button (for me it didn’t worked for the first try. So I had to reglued one connection on the middle pin of 3.5 mm audio jack) Rpi should shut down it self like on my video below. If you press the button again Rpi will boot up.

Thank you Matt Borkin for the idea and script. Also Thank you ZT Group. 🙂

Overclocking RPi3 – Guide

Hi all,

*Disclaimer – I am not responsible for any damage you can do to your Raspberry Pi, software, or to you.*

finally I received the cooper heat sinks I ordered on eBay. Even though I had 4cm fan installed over the Pi I wanted to wait for the heat sinks.

Lets take a look at them installed, see below.


Bottom view


Top view

If you are interested in the keyboard behind RPi its Corsair Raptor K50 🙂 and cables connected to GPIO are heading to small fan. One think you should know RPi3 can’t be overclocked from Raspberry Pi setup like RPi or Rpi2. You need to modify config file on SD card.

Good start how to oc RPi3 has ETA PRIME but I found some flaws in his guide.

So I recommend to follow it only partially :-). What is important to know what OC settings will void your warranty.

Below text is from Github

!Those setting will void your warranty!

  • over_voltage greater than 6

  • force_turbo=1

  • temp_limit greater than 85

With over_voltage don’t go above 5, only if you are super crazy and want to try run Raspberry Pi on 1,45 GHz. Rising over_voltage can help with stability issues also this will raise temperature of CPU.

Forcing turbo means that CPU will always run on highest speed -> stock clock is 1,2GHz so it will run all the time on that speed. Normally CPU reducing speed if no demanding applications are running. This setting is also somewhat affecting temperature.

At last but not least temp_limit means the temp. threshold when CPU starts to throttling.

Make a backup

So first thing to do put you SD card to PC. Then in root directory there is config file make a backup :-). Then we need to modify the config file. You can open it in notepad (not recommended) or you can use Notepad++ as ETA mentioned in his video. If you are using Notepad++ go to line 43.

On that line is written #arm_freg=800. First delete this text and replace is by your OC settings. You can use my settings below, its only mild OC.

  • arm_freq=1300
  • gpu_freq=500
  • core_freq=500
  • sdram_freq=500
  • over_voltage=2

As you can see I used over_voltage=2 (no warranty void). With this setting RPi is rock stable and temp is ~40°C on idle and ~60°C  during playing N64 game. For most 2D emulators you need higher arm_freq but for more graphic intensive systems like Dreamcast or Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 1 you need higher gpu_freq. Core_freg is same as gpu_freg so set it on the same speed. 

Save config file and return SD card back to RPi and boot up. Connect to your RPi through SSH using PuTy (How to use PuTy – User name is pi and password raspberry.

To see temperature use command vcgencmd measure_temp

Ok that’s it. Go and play with it more 🙂 try different settings play games etc, its up to you. Please bear in mind that you do it at your risk…

See you next time!