PC Upgrade – first AIO

Hi all,

It’s been a while since last PC upgrade. I recently bought an AIO cooler from DeepCool the Castle 240 RGB. I must say I am totally blown away by the RGB effects not sure if my wife as well :-). The cooling performance is exceptional which I would expect. In high CPU load after 1 hour using OCCT with medium data set the temperature is around 45°C and fans are set to only 580RPM. I know my CPU the Intel core i-5 6600 is no beast but still this is great result.


You can control RGB with controller which came with AIO or use 5v ADDRGB header on the motherboard. Since my motherboard is older model I don’t have any RGB headers on it and I am using the RGB controller.

Here is the video of my PC build with AIO installed showing all the effects.

Thank you and see you next time.

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BOX VR – the VR fitness

Hi all,

new video is up and this time I tried another VR Boxing game called simply Box VR. In this game there are created workouts by professionals or simply test your stamina in the challenging endless mode! In this exercise training I used my music so BOX VR created beat map automatically.


I am thinking of creating something new with VR maybe some live streams, I will see :).

See you next time.

Creed: Rise to Glory – VR game

Hi all,

The gameplay series of Creed: Rise to Glory you can find on my YouTube channel

VR Boxing in Creed Rise to Glory VR gameplay will get Fiondo into shape! Creed VR includes PVP modes, training and a story campaign for VR Boxing with story. VR Fitness is the future and Creed Rise to Glory gameplay is the best VR boxing to date. Game play of Creed is on the Oculus Rift VR



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Finally it is complete 🙂 the Conlan guy was strong….took me some time.

Thank you and see you next time.

Good old music and why it awesome

Hi all,

lately I was playing with mt YouTube channel and I thought to create a cool new music list, which I would listen. The story is same as for other lists on YouTube….I liked some other but there were some song which were mildly said bad.

Below you can my list of song. Currently there is 32 song and more are being added.

what you can find there? Bowie, Rafferty, Yes, Men At Work, New Order, Corey Hart, Camouflage, Depche Mode, ZZ top, Visage, Talk Talk, The human League and more!

Ace Combat 7 – Walkthrough series Part 3

Hi all,

finally new video is up. The gameplay and walkthrough series of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown you can find on my YouTube channel. This series starting to get quite long haha :). I wonder how this all will end up for Trigger tha main protagonist of the game and also for young technician Avril Mead.

In this videos you can see the intro, mission 5 and mission 6 in Japanese dub. As I search on the YouTube there is not much Japanese gameplays.


Enjoy and see you next time.

Ace Combat 7 – Walkthrough series Part 2

Hi all,

finally new video is up. The gameplay and walkthrough series of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown you can find on my YouTube channel

In this videos you can see the intro, mission 3 and mission 4 in Japanese dub. As I search on the youtube there is not much Japanese gameplays.


Enjoy and see you next time.

Ace Combat 7 – Walkthrough series

Hi all,

finally new video is up. The gameplay and walkthrough series of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown you can find on my YouTube channel

In this videos you can see the intro, mission 1 and mission 2 in Japanese dub. As I search on the youtube there is not much Japanese gameplays.


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Enjoy and see you next time.

Fiondo YouTube – Channel

Hi all,

I decided to work a little bit on my YouTube channel called Fiondo. I will be focusing mainly on games and tech. but maybe also some other things.

I also started my Patreon website because why not? 🙂 Currently I have there mainly videos from VR game Beat Sabre. I am planing to do some green screen experiment to create a mixed reality.

Here is my newest video where I am playing the Imperial March from Star Wars

Here is another one where I am doing my best in Believer from Imagine Dragons

I must not forget about Night Star Alliance which is great Shoot em up in VR!.

The future will be as I said above playing with green screen or actual footage of me playing and also some story videos from Elite Dangerous or some guides and streams.

Thanks and don’t forget to share and subscribe :).

Razer Ornata Chroma – Review

Hi all,

as title says I will be reviewing my new keyboard. Till mid of October 2017 I was happily using the Corsair Raptor K50 keyboard. Needless to say Corsair knows how to build good keyboards which are sturdy and quite ergonomic. On the other hand Razer is mediocre at best.

I told my self to never buy anything from Razer ever again. will see if I will manage.

Why is Razer Chroma so bad? Mainly the materials are all plastic, Razer software is hideous and buggy. I hate using that. I would sell the keyboard but I would not be able to sell is for good price.

At beginning the keyboard was fine and I was mainly amazed by the lighting effects (this Razer can do) and the wrist rest is also pretty nice, but again the software is so bad the agony is so high…..

I am just hoping that Chroma will get broken so I can to RMA it and get something decent. Probably again some Corsair keyboard.

Sorry Razer but I will not buy you ever again!.


Ford Fiesta – Diesel or not to Diesel

Hi all,

it was long time since last post….well long time I tend to write that in my previous posts but it is true. Back to Fiesta, I guess most of you know this nice little car. It belongs to super mini class of cars, mostly due to trunk space.

Why Diesel or no diesel you ask? Well it’s depends. If you have Fiesta mark VI. made before year 2010 you have probably TDCi diesel 16-valve engine. Those powerhouses tend to have degenerative oil problem and also that this engine is little bit too much complex. In year 2010 Ford introduced new engine TDCi diesel 8-valve engine (luckily that one I have in my car), which is more reliant and construction is more simplistic. Engine in my car is 70kw, 95hp. Max speed is 178km/h…I must say that is quite easy to achieve this speed and its pity that then speed is reduced by speed limiter.

Honestly I am not sure what I wanted to say by this post….ecology of my car is quite good. Current econorm is Euro 6 and my car is Euro 5. So when you are driving behind me no black smoke to your window :-).


See you next time.