Hi all,

TitanFall sounds quite epic right? Titans who are falling from skies. But I will not write about ancient titans. I will write about game :-).

TitanFall is fast paced game where you playing in horizontal way but as well in vertical way (you can run on walls :D). You can play several modes. Mostly played mode is Attrition. This mode is basically about eliminating everything which is moving on enemy side.

wall run

wall run

 Even some story is present in the game, but most of the time you will not pay attention to it.

I like to play that game even my PC is almost not able to run it. Best is when I can play it with my brother, its part of our socialization ritual. Every time I play it I am always really focused and my wife told me that it looks like I am almost not breathing hehe.

Today I will play TitanFall maybe with my brother maybe alone that’s in the stars.

As I was writing about my PC I am playing on notebook. It’s an HP I have it since 2012 and I like him. Recently I made upgrade. I bought ssd drive from Samsung the EVO 840, even though my notebook has got only SATA 2 interface, the drive is more than 5 times faster than my old one :D.

Titan and Pilot

Titan and Pilot

I installed TitanFall on Evo and now it’s loading faster as well that means that I can join to battle faster. I am quite peaceful person but I like playing TitanFall I can lose some steam from work as well and its working.

So maybe tonight we will meet in a game. Good luck and may the force be with you 😛

For more info go to:

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