Is 3D pritning good or bad?

Hi all,

What is 3D printing? 3D printing is process during which you can create in layers three dimension object. Origin of this technology goes to year 1986 when Charles Hull patented it.

Some times passed and the 3D printers start to appearing more and more even in households. Now you can buy you personal printer from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars :-). Well it’s still not for every one.

But good thing is that you can build one by your self like Josef Průša.

So far it’s sound good. But 3D printing has it’s dark side as well. Did you know that you can print a gun? Gun which is working and can hurt people! That is crazy and as it’s quite new technology it’s comes with some danger of abusing it. You know it from past it happens with dynamite, it happens with nuclear power, etc..

But on the other hand it can be pretty useful as well. I read some articles about using 3D printers for fixing broken things 😀 or creating propeller for you PC fan. You can eventually create some statues well lots of thing. But is some of these things useful?

The answer is Yes.

I read about boy who likes Star Wars. It wasn’t an ordinary boy. This boy Liam he had only one hand. He was born like that. I mention that he likes Star Wars:-)  so he went to cinema and there was big surprise for him.

John Peterson member of 3D printed prosthetic group create prosthetic hand in design of Storm trooper from Star Wars. After the movie, boy was taken behind the scene and there he saw Storm troopers 🙂 so he was really happy. Then they show him his new hand which he can control and use it.

Prosthetic hand

So in the end 3D printing is really good tool for making people happy but still there is some danger of abuse, but how to prevent this? I think it’s not possible. It depends of what people are capable of.

You can read whole article about Liam on:

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