Lego – HDD external box

Hi all,

Lego make millions of people exited, mostly me 🙂

I think most of you already know that you can build almost everything from Lego. And some of you know as well that you can build functional thing like keyboard on which you can actually write.

Lego Keyboard

Or you can build actual car which is running on compressed air.

What I want to show you today is my creation. I had old external box which was partially disassembled. No HDD was in.

I had old Samsung SpinPoint 1 TB so I use that as my new external HDD. The down side was that external box was vibrating so much that whole table was shaking as well.

And then I get the idea.

I can improve the box and make it quite and non vibrating. So I build extension to the box and results you can see below. Only thing I can say that it worked. Now you can’t hear or feel the disk when it’s runnig. 🙂


Conector view


Build view

I was little bit afraid that construction will be weak but after few modifications it’s pretty sturdy.

I hope you liked it so far 🙂 More lego things will come.

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