What if? Should we be afraid of unknown?

Hi all,

What if advanced species in space are peaceful? 🙂 Well I belive they are. Because if you think about it it’s stupid that some super advance race will want take over Earth.

There is one book

Which will give some answers. The Ami child of the stars, that’s the name of the book. But today I will not do review of the book I want to make a reflection on how man sees on interspecies encounters.



In my opinion we don’t need to fear of what can come from space:-). Why? Right? I they would be so advance I belive they will not be interest in harming us, more likely helping us or just passed by :D.

Ridley Scott Aliens

They maybe exist but more less not. What movies showing us about alien is bullshit even though I like these movies 🙂

Just think about it:-)

Bye Filip.

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