Song of the week 22 and something extra :-)

Hi all,

It’s been a long time long time again 🙂 since I last post something on my blog. I think more than two months. I guess I just didn’t have anything to tell. Recently I’ve received the Classic Rock Music – Compilation Mix. In this mix is around 500 songs :-). I must tell that this mix is great! There are all good all song and I love it.

five hundred songs

In this post I will show you more than one song. First song I chose is called In a Gadda Da Vida. According to urban dictionary it is the most requested song in a strip clubs. But if you are interest what the name of song means it is the Garten on Eden.

For the second song I picked a song from Vangelis – To the Unknown Man. When you listen this song you will feel like you are floating in the space :-).

Recently I saw games play about Elite Dangerous with Jiří Grygar, the most famous Czech astronomer. And this song was as main title.

If you are interest here is the video.


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