Holiday on Cyprus

Hi all,

I want to write about my holiday in Cyprus how extraordinary it was and that it left part of it in me even though it was “only” ten days.

I must say that I like sea.

I like the beautiful vast emptiness of sea, I like the nice blue-turquoise color and the nice smell of salt in the air.

Another reason can be that my zodiac is Scorpio which is water element or because my granddad liked sea. When I first saw sea from Cyprus shore I immediately remember how he loved it. It is pity that I can’t share my feelings with him anymore but I think he saw everything anyway :-).

Maybe I was in my past life Greek or similar 🙂 it may wasn’t coincidence that few people thought that I am Greek hehe… Well this is one part of why I like Cyprus.

The second part why I like Cyprus is based on good experiences. People on Cyprus are really nice and kind. And big thanks needs to go to Zuzana which hosted us at her house 🙂 So Zuzana really thank you!

During our stay we borrow car and together with my wife and Zuzana we’ve visit lots of interesting places east from Limassol (Lemesos) and north as well. We had visit Ayia Napa’s beautiful beaches, Cape Greco were we saw sea caves, love bridge where some groom and bride were taking pictures :-). The sea was wild and strong there you’ve could felt the power of the sea.


We didn’t stay only at the sea level but we went to Trodos which are highest mountains on Cyprus. We went to mountain Olympus which is 1952 meters high. We’ve not been exactly on the top of the mountain because there is military radar base but we’ve been almost there around 1900 meters.

In the end the biggest impression which stays in me was visit of Vavla village were we saw how Honey is made 🙂 then owner took us to picnic that was great! Off course I can’t write about everything which we saw of visited because that would be on few pages :-). Once more I am really grateful for this experience and so far this was nicest holiday we had with my wife.

If you want to visit and experience Cyprus from different perspective contact Zuzana from Cyprus Excursion she will plan nice trip for you!

I feel like I forget to mention lots of things but thats how it is going hehe :-).

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