Two and half months with the Elite Dangerous

Hi all,

it’s been already two and half months since I bought Elite. Basically right after last post about Flying on PC I bought the Elite Dangerous. At first I tried demo and basically immediately I know that I need to buy that game :-).

My first impressions was WOW. I was staring on the vast emptiness of space, on the beautiful stars and huge space station. First few hours I didn’t knew what to do :-). For the start you will get lousy ship and few thousands credits. Basically you can go anywhere but you can’t because you are too weak :-D.

My first impressions was WOW



My first activity was trading. I wasn’t sure about fighting and trading seems for me profitable at beginning. But then Trading start to be pretty boring and it seems that you cant earn money so fast.

So I start bounty hunting. I sell my T-6 and I bought Viper. After some time I saw that this is where to get a lot of money in short period. So after some time I was able to buy Vulture and fitted it with some A modules. Only thing was that bounty hunting was to easy and after some time it starts to be boring as well. The biggest problem of the Elite is that in some point its start to be little bit boring.


Type – 6

I stopped playing  Elite for some time approx. month and something. But than I was reading nice stories on Czech elite Facebook page and I start playing again. I found out that play alone is still same boring thing but if you fly in wing with some one else its pretty funny :-). The best it undermining when you basically killing everything in hostile system. Good is that it can be pretty challenging some times. Now new expansions are coming. One will be paid and other will be still for free as game update.

I will see how the game involved but one to tell the truth I am glad that I have this game, only if there would be more content :-).

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