Don’t eat after 6 p.m.

Hi all,

I am sure that most of you already heard that you should not eat after six p.m.. But do you know why? Answer is simple. It is not healthy.

But why?  🙂

We can say that “body clock” will stop work after six p.m.. What does it mean? Your stomach, colon, livers, etc will set to so-called sleep state. And because of it is you eat something your digestive organs will have to work “over time”. You sleep will be restless  and probably you will wake up during night to go to toilet. 😛


One of the biggest benefit is weight loss. I lost 3-5 kilograms when I stopped eating after six. Of course  time to times I am eating after six during some special occasions.

The benefits are clear and there are no cons. So why not to try if for few weeks? And then you will see the change.

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