One year on WordPress

Hi all,

it’s already one year since I start writing my blog :-). I want to say that year 2015 was great year. I’ve spend lots of nice moments with my wife.

We were traveling quite a lot mostly around Czech Republic and we’ve visited Cyprus for the first time. That was summer, in 2015 summer in Czech Republic was really warm, equal to temperature in Egypt.

There were also sad thing like death of my favorite singer David Bowie. Rest in peace David. Also my former team lead left our company. It hit me hard since he was for me like older brother.

I was thinking about past year like most people doing so and one feeling keeps coming back to me. And that feeling is gratitude for my family.

I want thanks them for everything 🙂 they are best!  Without them I would not be what I am. They support me during my studies not only financially but also as mental support. For that I want especially thanks to my grandma.

Every body can be hero and my family are my heroes.


I am glad that I could start writing my blog, even though I am not posting articles so often like every week of even month. Lots happen during last year but time is running so fast now I have feeling that more older I am more faster the time running.

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