Letgo – buying and selling

Hi all,

you probably know Letgo and app for smartphones (iOS and Android, sorry Windows). What is Letgo? Its an market similar to eBay. You post and item make nice picture put a price on and then wait until some one will write you.

Why I’m writing about it? Because I sold on Letgo few items and bought some as well. This will be some sort of review seen from user perspective.


What I bought on it

I bought driving wheel for PC it a Logitech Driving force GT. It looks brand new 🙂 maybe used twice or thrice. What is best on this purchase is the price. I payed only 500 czech crowns that’s approximately 20 bucks. If you look on eBay the prices are from 50 to 250 dollars. When I saw this offer on Letgo I immediately  bought it.

Second item I bought is table game Galaxy Trucker. I also get it pretty cheap, once played :-). It was Christmas present so me and my wife still needs to play it.

What I sold on it

First thing I sold was Star Wars book then there was my tablet Nexus 7 and at last but not least Notebook HP 4535s.

It was interesting though since I met interesting people 🙂


If you have to much stuff or you just want to sell of buy something go on try it 🙂 Just be careful some people can just be asses.

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