GoodReads – Flanigan’s Rangers Apperentice

*May contain spoilers 🙂*

Hi all,

I want to share some of my thoughts and observations about this book series. Rangers Apprentice is set in alternative history. Araluen is basically England :-). Araluen is home of rangers the guardians of king and all people. The series follows story of young Will Treaty, which will became one of the best rangers.

I must say that I never been good reader, some times it took me ages to finish a book. With Rangers Apprentice it was different. I was reading more and more faster. Since October last year (2016) I read ten books and two still to go. It will not be an end since John introduced spinoff and prequel to original Rangers Apprentice.

Good movie? Yes! There will be movie about Rangers Apprentice taking story from first book. I was not happy to see “maybe unofficial” cast, I hope it was not final of maybe it was fake. What is good news, the director will be Oscar wining Paul Haggis. At least there is some quality 🙂 We can just pray so that this movie will not end up like Eragon!

I am not looking forward to the end but everything will end one day :-). I am glad that John is still active and he is writing, but probably there will not be another book from original series. This makes me sad. Maybe I will write some fun-fiction from that universe, or maybe I will just fell that I was able to be part of something beautiful.

Check out nice czech cover of the first book.

Original covers are horrible 🙂

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