Playing with Raspberry Pi – Five Projects

Hi all,

Yes, even I have RPi :-). I got it as present from my friend and colleague Harry. It is Raspberry Pi B+ with 512MB or RAM and two usb ports. The heart of Pi is one core SOC Broadcom. So pi has only little power to do anything but it can do loads of stuff. I did several projects with Pi and it was always fun.


The Projects

Pirate radio, that was fun. The idea is create FM transmitter, basically you can create your own radio. There is nice script and guide on Makezin. Created by Sam Freeman and Wynter Woods. Its easy to follow steps in guide and it will take you approximately one hour to finish the project. Beware in most states its forbidden to use it, and frequency modulator in Pi is strong enough to cover whole block with big antenna! Also what I heard this project can be done only with RPi 1 and 0.

 Torrent machine/box, that was little bit more difficult than pirate radio. Here is complete guide on Pi My Life Up. Torrent box serve as torrent downloading machine which you can access from remotely. This remote access looks like website where you can add torrent link. It works even with magnet links. I used it to download stuff at our old flat where we had slow internet and because RPi is using only little bit of energy it was very cheap and efficient.


RetroPi, what is RetroPi you asking? Its basically bunch of emulators. Emulators like for Game Boy, Game Boy color/advance, PSone, N64 and more. Installation is simple like installing Noobs image of Raspbian 🙂 . Then you need game pad or keyboard for control, in some cases mouse. I was testing it with some GBA (Game Boy advance) games, and it worked. Of course you will need to do some tweaking and GBA games don’t like to run in full HD 🙂


VNC control, if you want to control RPi remotely this is what you need to do. Install PuTy and VNC viewer like RealVNC. New Raspberry Pi OS update has built in VNC server so you don’t need to install VNC and then set up server etc., like I had to do before update :-). Here is simple guide, I am using RPi with VNC on all the time, and for testing new stuff or just using terminal its easy to use. I am using PuTy for terminal commands, when I don’t need to see Raspbian.


Dosbox, yes good old dos. I remember as child how I was writing all the commands in MS Dos. Like CD “something” to change folder, Mount, Format, etc.. With RPi I could went back to my child hood. I was tried  games like Arkanoid which runs very well, then Blackthorn and Master of Orion 2. Last named game is one of my most favorite games of all time. I am playing it on PC mobile phone, tablet. You name it. Pity that on RPi it was slow, really slow :-(. In future I will try some classical RTS like Dune II. I almost forget to give you link to guide.

Future Projects

From eBay I bought some sensors and I want to do something more difficult, including Python programing. So you can expect more blog post about RPi, once I will have my setup ready.

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