Song of the week 4 – What is death

Hi all,

What is death, Data asked captain Picard at his quarters. This was one of the most unforgettable moments in Star Trek series.  I saw it several times and I still have it in my mind like I saw it few days ago. Thanks to Patric Stewart actors’ art you have feeling that at this moment when he was telling Data what for him is death as it was coming directly from him and not from script.

So what is death? Some people sees it as changing to indestructible form of life. Something like became god. On the other hand there are those holding the idea of blinking to nothingness. Picard believes that what we are goes beyond what we understand reality.

In my opinion I can share Picard’s last thought, I think when we die we actualy don’t know what will happen. I think and I do believe it, that we will reborn maybe in different time or on different planet :-). Who knows….

Please enjoy Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1

Here is the great scene from Star Trek – TNG – The Next Generation SE2E02 – Where Silence Has Lease.

See you next week with another Song of the week.

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