Future of “petrol” cars

Hi all,

for the beginning there is no future for petrol cars. Electric and fuel-cells cars are our future. My current car runs on petrol but I am still thinking how to get an electric car for good price and good range. Ideally I would like to buy Tesla model S., but the price is similar as price of an small house or flat. Maybe model 3 from Tesla will be the game changer. I hope it will be cause that could be my next car. If the price will be aprox. 35 000 bucks which is ~ 875 000 crowns or ~ 600 000 crowns after end of interventions from National bank. Currently Czech crown  is undervalued and one dollar is 25 crowns. After summer one dollar will be hopefully for 15-17 crowns! So Tesla will be cheaper.

I just realized that I am in EU so I will buy Tesla with euros, good news euros will be down as well!! We can just pray to good so Tesla mode 3 will come soon. What I heard summer this year or next year:-). So why I think petrol cars are dead? Take a look on below pictures which I took today morning.

Smog every where, thanks to fossil fuels. Prague was considering a ban for all motor vehicles. So the public transport would be free for banned days. In the end it didn’t happen. I think it was because there was strong push from people (politicians, businessmen) which are not using public transport, because they think its only for poor people. That’s one of the reasons why I like electric cars. With my future plan 🙂 I will be making electricity for EV with solar cells on roof and the running cost will be almost none.


Lets see how the trend will goes. Maybe in two or three years EV will be more and more affordable.


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