Elon Musk

Elon Musk, I didn’t know much about him before I read the book. I knew that he is behind SpaceX and Tesla. I like new tech stuff since I kind of geek 🙂 and its hard to ignore new about new electric cars and space rockets. Beside that I didn’t had idea who Elon is.

I was planing to read this book from Ashley Vance for long time but I didn’t had time since I was reading Ranger’s apprentice. I want to thank Ashley for the book, since I was able to look behind the scene.

Elon can look at first as ruthless and egoistic and in some manner he is :-). He is what he is thanks to his child hood he said few times in book. You really should read the book. Also what is said in the book is that he is quite sensitive and open but mostly to his family.

But what is most interesting on the book is inspiration that radiates from the book. I’ve got few cool ideas, well at first glance they were cool :-). What counts is that I started to think about sustainable development and ecology. I don’t know if I said it here on my blog but I have a master’s degree in ecology and thanks to book I am thinking what to do with my career. I am not working in my study field. I am working currently as reporting analyst. Sure its interesting sometimes but I am not helping preserve earth for my children. During my college years I was always amazed with new eco-friendly technologies.

Go and read this book! I can recommend it with with a clear conscience. This book will change your view on world around you! Thanks to Elon and other people like him humanity is advancing to the more reliable future, where our offspring can grow and focus more on self-development and prosperity of human kind.

Trust me this book will change you 🙂



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