Song Of The Week 7

Hi all,

welcome in another song of the week. This week lets take it easy J. For example with great Vangelis. whose music can stand out imagination. I already post one song from him on my blog Song Of The Week 22. During my studies on college when I was learning to an exam I was listening Vangelis’s soundtrack for great movie Blade Runner. For example Memories of Green or Blade Runner Blues are just great.

Dream In An Open Place is the name of first song when delve into the tones I imagine field of green, kids playing and you can only hear sound of nature around you…no fossil fuel cars :-)!

With Deliverance another song from Vangelis. You can feel the new beginning, new hope of day which yet to come and bright future. By the way this song is from great movie Antarctica.

Oh and joyful Soil Festivities: Movement 1. The sound of rain at the beginning and soft nice tunes. I can imagine born of new life and then the life is wandering around discovering beauties of world. Some darker more heavy tones can be heard as well which based on me represents danger. At the end all is good 🙂 and we can move to another movement.

Soil Festivites: Movement 4 will be last song from song of the week. I love this song it like something is crowling through the soil in the night seeking food.


Thank you and see you next week with song of the week.

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