Is it worth to buy new AAA games?

Hi all,

is it worth to buy new AAA games with huge budgets? I think many people have or had this question in their mind and many of those people are already decided. For me personally what I saw in the past few year till today, most of the AAA games are sh*t. Well there are some exceptions like GTA5, Witcher 3, Doom and maybe some more.On the other hand there are handful of games which as I wrote suck big time. Just to mention it’s mainly because poor technical state.  I can name some of them. Number one is Mass Effect: Andromeda followed by the Dishonored 2, Deus Ex, For Honor or two years ago last installment of Batman game.

Big bad corporate

Most of these games cost or costed around 60€/$. Can you imagine you bought a broken game and you can’t even play it. I admit that I am buying games only at discounted price or I buy them in some sale madness action or on sites like the HumbleBundle. It’s hard to trust those big companies, you know they just carving for money and they don’t give a thing about consumers. I know it since I worked before in big big corporate and those companies only focus on marketing their stuff so they can sell products faster with reduced owner cost.

Good old games

I build my PC last year and it’s powerful enough to run all new games on high or ultra settings at 60FPS but I am not using its power as I should. Why? After GTA5 I went back to good old Mass Effect trilogy since I never finished third episode. I am also playing old dos games like Master of Orion 2 and now also old console games on Raspberry Pi3.

What I want to say with this blog is that just don’t buy new games from big corporate companies and support more indie developers. Or wait for discounts since new games don’t have high value any more. If you are in mood for good games check GOG or play some old console games for SNES, Sega Megadrive or PSX :-).

If you want to have some fun with Mass Effect: Andromeda.


See you next time.

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