How I can’t afford a new car

Hi all,

about two weeks ago my old car was hit by another car. The damage is not so severe but repair cost overcomes the cost of the car it self. Car still runs, but my wife don’t want to use it any more and me as well.

So technically I don’t have a car….we saved some money but its not enough for decent car. I don’t think that we are that wealthy to buy cheaper used car since it is obvious that that car will soon have some technical problems. Sure we can take loan but that’s no go for me. Czech republic is nice country, the living cost is not that high but also salary is low and prices of other things are same as in Germany. To compare my salary of reporting analyst to reporting analyst in Germany I am on 1/3 of German salary!

Still my salary is above Czech average and still you can’t afford a thing with it. I can’t imagine how this will go after we will have kids. Now the rent is taking more than half of my net salary! I tell you it is hard….

What I should do? Should I take second job? So I wouldn’t have any personal life and I would be slave without free time. What I am doing wrong?

I will probably ask for salary rise, since feedback on my job is good and I think they can’t afford to loose me.


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