Song Of The Week 46

Hi all,

it has been a while since my last song of the week. Maybe it was mainly because I didn’t find song good enough. But, I had the right song right in my headphones all the time :-).

As you can see on featured image is Leonard Cohen. I can proudly say that I firstly heard songs from him as child still in my moms belly :-D. She used to play album, I’m your man on gramophone. Luckily we still have that record and also gramophone and I can play it.

I recently read great book written by mr. Cohen, the Favorite Game. It’s 10/10 book a novel which will make you think about your life.


Thank you and see you next time.


Song of the week 16 – take two

Hi all,

there is already the Song of the week 16 but I need to make another post about the Song of the week 16. I am currently watching Mobile Suit Gundam 00, in Japanese Kidou Senshi Gundam 00. I am almost finishing second season which is also the last season :-).

But why I am writing about Gundam in the Song of the week? In episode 14 of the second season, there is moment when Marina singing with the Katharon orphans. They were singing about world peace, about world unity.

So enjoy this great song.


Thank you and see you next time!

Song of the week 16

Hi all,

what I can say. Don’t make contracts with evil man in stuite :-). At least that was my feeling from video clip of band Ultravox.

Hymn is the name of the song. I just love 80’s :-). As I said above, the video clip is dark?! Not sure why though…:-) the song is not dark at all.

see you next week.

Song of the week 14

Hi all,

its time for next song of the week. Since week 7 I was looking for next song of the week…all I was listening was somehow not worth it. I was listening latest album of La Roux – Trouble in Paradise and there were some good songs but mmm I may pick some of them later :-).


Then I went through my music folder and I picked album from Röyksopp – Junior. I know its older album (2009) but damn its good. I like all of the songs from the album but one stands out for me and that’s The Girl and the Robot.

The Girl and the Robot featuring vocal from Robyn also she is noted as writer for this song. I am not sure how to describe feelings during listening. Maybe I can say that my feelings are like its something from future :-). Future which is not that distant from now. Although the text is about workaholic man 😀 and alone woman.

See you next time.


Song Of The Week 7

Hi all,

welcome in another song of the week. This week lets take it easy J. For example with great Vangelis. whose music can stand out imagination. I already post one song from him on my blog Song Of The Week 22. During my studies on college when I was learning to an exam I was listening Vangelis’s soundtrack for great movie Blade Runner. For example Memories of Green or Blade Runner Blues are just great.

Dream In An Open Place is the name of first song when delve into the tones I imagine field of green, kids playing and you can only hear sound of nature around you…no fossil fuel cars :-)!

With Deliverance another song from Vangelis. You can feel the new beginning, new hope of day which yet to come and bright future. By the way this song is from great movie Antarctica.

Oh and joyful Soil Festivities: Movement 1. The sound of rain at the beginning and soft nice tunes. I can imagine born of new life and then the life is wandering around discovering beauties of world. Some darker more heavy tones can be heard as well which based on me represents danger. At the end all is good 🙂 and we can move to another movement.

Soil Festivites: Movement 4 will be last song from song of the week. I love this song it like something is crowling through the soil in the night seeking food.


Thank you and see you next week with song of the week.

Song of the week 6

Hi all,

welcome to another song of the week. During my work I am listening Spotify and some times I chose my daily mix :-). So the below song from Depeche Mode is from it.

It’s no good…no in the end everything is good. Its so funny to watch Dave. Dave should become an actor, he would have success.